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Canon Utilities Eos Utility Download Mac ##VERIFIED##

I need to download photos from my Rebel xti/400D to my macbook pro. I found and downloaded EOS Utility ver. 2 and when I connect my camera the only option not greyed out is monitor folder. I can't select start download or select download. This was the only EOS Utility I could find. When I go on the canon site it says it can't find any EOS Utility software available for Mac OS 10.14. I have read that they don't make this software for newer os versions. I have tried it on a PC also, even selected old versions of OS and it says there is no utility for the OS I have selected - I have tried almost all of them. I have my step-daughters senior pictures on this camera and I just need a way to transfer them to any laptop. I can't loose these photos. What are my options??? HELP.

Canon Utilities Eos Utility Download Mac

Encountered EOS 3 Utility problems with my Canon R5 with Ventura. Downloading the latest version of the utility did not resolve the issue. As a workaround until Canon addresses the issue, the Image Capture tool can be used to download images from the camera. 350c69d7ab


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