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Download FNF Mod Among Us and Join the Funky Impostor Battle

How to Download and Play FNF Mod Among Us

If you are a fan of Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) and Among Us, you might be interested in trying out a mod that combines both games into one. In this article, we will show you how to download and play FNF Mod Among Us, a total conversion mod that features 62 brand new songs, 12 weeks, and many characters from Among Us. We will also tell you what makes this mod so fun and popular, and give you some tips and tricks on how to enjoy it more.

What is FNF Mod Among Us?

FNF Mod Among Us is a fan-made modification for Friday Night Funkin', a rhythm game where you have to match the arrows on the screen with your keyboard. The mod replaces the original characters, songs, and backgrounds with those from Among Us, a multiplayer social deduction game where you have to find out who is the impostor among your crewmates.

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Why should you play FNF Mod Among Us?

There are many reasons why you should play FNF Mod Among Us, such as:

  • It has a lot of content. The mod has 62 songs spread out across 12 weeks, some of which are only accessible through freeplay mode. You can also unlock extra songs or cosmetics by using beans, a currency that you earn based on your performance.

  • It has a lot of variety. The mod has different genres of music, from rap to rock to techno. You can also face different characters, some old and some new, each with their own personality and style.

  • It has a lot of challenge. The mod has different levels of difficulty, from easy to hard. You can also try out different modes, such as story mode or endless mode. You can also compete with other players online or offline.

  • It has a lot of fun. The mod has a lot of humor, references, and Easter eggs. You can also enjoy the animations, graphics, and sound effects that make the mod more immersive and entertaining.

The gameplay of FNF Mod Among Us

The gameplay of FNF Mod Among Us is similar to that of Friday Night Funkin'. You have to press the arrows on your keyboard in sync with the music and the arrows on the screen. You have to fill up your progress bar more than your opponent's by hitting more notes correctly. If you miss too many notes or hit them too early or too late, you will lose the game. You can also use the spacebar to activate special moves that can boost your score or hinder your opponent's.

The characters of FNF Mod Among Us

The characters of FNF Mod Among Us are mostly based on the crewmates and impostors from Among Us. You can play as Boyfriend, a blue crewmate who loves to rap and impress his Girlfriend, a pink crewmate who cheers him on. You can also encounter other characters, such as:

  • Daddy Dearest, a red impostor who is Girlfriend's father and Boyfriend's first rival.

  • Skid and Pump, two orange and green crewmates who love Halloween and spooky songs.

  • Pico, a yellow crewmate who is Boyfriend's childhood friend and a skilled shooter.

  • Mommy Mearest, a purple impostor who is Girlfriend's mother and Daddy Dearest's partner.

  • Senpai, a cyan crewmate who is a popular singer and Boyfriend's idol.

  • Spirit, a black impostor who is Senpai's dark side and Boyfriend's nightmare.

  • Monster, a brown impostor who is a hungry beast and Boyfriend's enemy.

  • Tankman, a white crewmate who is a military leader and Boyfriend's challenger.

  • Cassette Girl, a magenta crewmate who is a retro fan and Boyfriend's admirer.

  • Whitty, a light blue impostor who is a rock star and Boyfriend's rival.

  • Hex, a lime crewmate who is a robot and Boyfriend's friend.

  • Tricky, a green impostor who is a clown and Boyfriend's foe.

The songs of FNF Mod Among Us

The songs of FNF Mod Among Us are mostly original compositions that fit the theme and mood of each week. Some of the songs are remixes or mashups of existing songs from Friday Night Funkin' or Among Us. Some of the songs are also inspired by other games or media. Here are some examples of the songs in the mod:


1Daddy IssuesRap





2Pumpkin PieSpooky

3PicoHip Hop

3Philly NiceHip Hop

3Blast Off!Hip Hop

4Satin PantiesJazz








6Holy NightMetal

7Winter HorrorlandHorror







9Dad BattleRetro

9Cassette GirlRetro